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Beauty Training

Our Training Classes Includes:

Microblade Classes | Training

Eyelash Extension Classes | Training

Advanced Facial Classes | Training

Permanent Makeup Classes | Training

At L’Brows Beauty Academy, we offer a variety of beauty training classes to our clients, to help prepare future beauticians utilize their own services to help others looking and feeling great. We understand and recognize the significance of quality instruction at our institute. Excellent training translates into long-term customer satisfaction and we look forward to helping you provide the care you want.

We keep up with the latest trends to help you provide the latest in microblading, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and more. We emphasize on offer a variety of beauty treatments and skin care services for all your needs.

Here at L’Brows Beauty Academy our goal is to help our students create the best version of their clients. That is why we offer a variety of beauty services like microblading training at our beauty school, to prepare to help future clients and leave them looking and feeling great. If a customer should ever need specialized permanent makeup, our training will also teach students everything they need to know about makeup service application. If you are interested in learning more about our school’s beauty services, call L’Brows Beauty Academy in Fountain Valley, CA today!

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