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Eyelash Extension Training

Eyelash extensions are a globally growing trend in today’s beauty industry. Many women all over the world enjoy this engagement with longer lashes in order to give their eyes that dramatic look without the excessive clumps of mascara. At our beauty & microblading academy, we specialize in providing adept eyelash extension training to all aspiring beauticians.
There are many different kinds of fake lashes that can be applied, in regards to each individual’s preferences. We will train you the differences in applying synthetic or silk eyelashes, which are considered to be the heaviest and great for a fuller, thicker look. On the other hand, mink eyelashes are usually thinner and softer than silk, but can be applied to appear just as vibrant and thick. We understand the minute details of beauty and are proud to offer our knowledgeable experience in training a new generation of permanent makeup artists.
For those looking to expand their beauty repertoire through eyelash extensions, microblading, or any other permanent makeup service, give us a call! We understand how to apply gorgeous eyelashes and offer you the knowledge to do the same.

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