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I had my eyelash extension training session with Erica at L’Brows Beauty Academy. So happy that I chose this place because Erica was very professional. She showed me all the techniques and gave me the confidence to become an eyelash technician.
I would highly recommend this studio if you’re looking for an eyelash extension training course.

Amazing experience. I could not travel to California to take her class so Erica actually flew out to Kennewick to trained me!
She was absolutely 110% accommodating and overall a great teacher. Always took her time to make sure I understood everything and never once rushed me.
She will be in Bellingham, WA from Jan 6-8 to teach another class through my referrals. So if anyone in the area would be interested please inbox her soon!

Best Place to get Lashes done. I love them soo much!! They make me feel confident and sexy!! Thank you Erica for the lashes!!! Great place, super comfortable and Very clean. I could go there all the time, so peaceful and very friendly environment. rica and her team are the best

Highly recommend all the ladies here are beyond friendly and the environment is relaxing and soothing, they take care of you and make sure you are comfortable and happy. They even provide snacks and beverages for their clients. I came in for a fill and I’ve never been more happy with the after look, definitely will be back! My new to go eyelash salon

If you’re looking to be certified and ACTUALLY LEARN lash extensions look no further this is it. rica gave me all the confidence, techniques anyone could ask for. She is so professional nice and patient. She made me feel extremely comfortable and made sure I understood everything she taught me. Thank you for everything!

I had my eyelash extension training session with Erica at L’Brows Beauty Academy. So happy that I chose this place because Erica was very professional. She showed me all the techniques and gave me the confidence to become an eyelash technician.
I would highly recommend this studio if you’re looking for an eyelash extension training course.

Erica’s enthusiasm is certainly contagious.
Having recently moved to Cali from Seattle for work, I figured I needed to find a hobby or apply myself with a new skill (due to not having many friends…yet). Something within the beauty industry as it is related to my career.
So I decided to track down a new and upcoming beauty school because I figured, well since they are new, they are most likely still ambitious and haven’t been beaten down by the numerous amount of students throughout the years. And that’s how I met Erica.
She reminds me of a TA I once had in my Intro to Business class. Very charming, extremely helpful, and always pushed me to do my absolute best. I applied for her Microblading course in the beginning of November and was taught alongside with 5 other students. Erica never rushed the clock but instead constantly made sure that each of us had enough time to fully digest our information before moving on to the next topic. There was never a dull moment during the entire course because of all her corny jokes! On top of everything, she even gave each of us our own professional kits (it was way more expensive than I originally thought).
The most rewarding thing about the entire course was the feeling of confidence afterwards. It was liberating to know that she has given me her best in order for me to be my best.
Thank you Erica for the fantastic experience. Hoping to see you soon for wine!

I am so happy I attended Ericas Lash extensión class. She is so kind, professional and patient. Her prices and techniques are amazing. I learned so much and she was very accomadating to my schedule and needs. She was always asking if I needed anything and took her time to make sure I felt comfortable doing the lashes. I feel so confident to start on real clients and that’s all thanks to her! If you’re looking for a lash extension school where you’ll be certified and feel confident look no further she’s the real deal!

I came here to learn microblading and get more training experiences. Erica was very patience and she doesn’t rush through things. She actually took the time to shown me step by step on how to do from certain angles and styles which I really appreciate, I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I recommended few of my friends here and they all like it, definitely worth the time and money coming here for my training.

I took a class here with Anna for eyelash extensions, I must say that I choose the right place to get my experiences. Anna is so sweet and welcoming! She is so amazing at what she does, and it feel like she’s been doing it like forever. Anna is very thorough yet quick and efficient. I feel so lucky to have found the right place. If you’re looking for a place to get training for lash extensions, GO HERE and you won’t regret it.

It’s a very clean location. The staff are friendly and scheduling was easy.

I recently took a class here with Erica and I absolutely loved it! Her class was so thorough and she was very eager to answer any questions that I had! The environment is very clean and friendly as well as very uplifting and supportive. I loved my time there and would definitely recommend this academy/studio to anyone!

Erica had helped me with getting my eyebrows ombre powder which was great. She had taken a lot of time making sure my eyebrows were even and worked on them very carefully. I appreciate the time she took on perfecting them and making sure I was happy with the result. She genuinely cares about making you feel beautiful therefore I highly recommend her.

L’ brown academy is a great school. I referred couple of friends come to study microblading, and they replied me with good success stories. They said they learned a lot, and the professor there explain the material that make it easy to understand. Since I refer friends to the business, I gotta brag how great the school is. Highly recommend you to try it out if you are looking to learn microblading.

This academy probably is one of the best learning experiences I have received for microblading training. My mentor was super easy going and fun, while maintain professional manner, which makes it so pleasant to learn from. I’m actually quite impressed of her teaching methods, how patience, informative, relevant, and thorough she is, which allows me to process and understand at a fast pace. I definitely recommend people I know to come here for best quality of training, love this place!

I used to drive far for my lash extensions and eyebrow since my friend work there, and I didn’t know where else I could trust. But few days ago, I suddenly don’t have the mood to drive far, so I came here instead. When I came in, I didn’t even have to wait long, the atmosphere itself was super nice and relaxing that I felt as sleep through the whole thing. There was soft music playing in the background and pleasant smell that is so comforting especially after a long day of working. The customers service was excellent and clean spaces. I definitely going to come back for my lash touch up. I would recommend this place to anyone, I promise it won’t disappoint you.

Erica is very professional and listens to her clients. Most of all, she compliments the work of others. Erica has very advanced skills and wonderful customer service. She took the time to make sure that I was satisfied with the results. What I like the most is that she is standing by her work. She called to make sure things were ok the following day. You would not be disappointed here and I will be back for a few other services. Thank you Erica for giving a girl some confidence again.

Erica, is very professional. She catered to her client needs. I’m happy with my services and highly recommended this place to everyone!

Erika ( the owner) is by far such an amazing woman..so beyond sweet,caring understanding,funny,and just over all great personality. I came in telling her about my previous experience somewhere else and she made me feel just right at home. And she takes her time which I absolutely love she doeant make me feel like she has to get it done and over with to get to another appointment she really focused on my eyes and finished when she felt they were complete thank you so much erika I will be coming back for a fill in. She also does other stuff at her facility as well go check her out

I’m so in love with my new eyebrows!!!!! I definitely recommend everyone coming here! Finally I can wake up with make up on! Don’t even hesitate! I was nervous coming but they make you feel so comfortable! V thoroughly listened to what I wanted and even gave me suggestions. She knew best indeed! She was so informative about all the care & explained the healing process. For anyone that’s worried about pain, I didn’t feel a thing! I even fell asleep cus I was so relaxed. I woke up from my little nap & had fresh head-turning eyebrows! I’m so obsessed & will be coming back !! Anyone that’s having second thoughts, don’t even think twice! Best investment I’ve ever made!!!

Erica is awesome and really knows how to instill confidence in a girl. She took care of me and did a full consultation to let me know what to expect. Eyelashes came out amazing. So many compliments already. I love looking at them. She also tells me how to take care of them and what to expect for the first few days. I am impressed with her professionalism. Place is clean, comfortable and most of all the customer service is amazing. She is very humble and very respectful. Erica is appreciative of her customers and listens. For example, I was scared going in and now, I do not know how to live without my lashes. I enjoy the entire experience and will be coming back for refills. She advised me to take a break between refills because she cares about my lashes. It really made a difference because I fully trust Erica. Thank you Erica.

This is such a GREAT place to go for your looks. Not only they are professionals but also SUPER caring! Price is very considerate, environment is clean and cozy. Whatelse do you need?! Just lie down and enjoy!

I got a facial done at this spa and the experienced is phenomenal, the fact that the ladies are so friendly and took good care of my skin, i feel great.
They had relaxing music and its sure is very very clean.

Excelente lugar, muy limpio y relajado. Me hice mis pestañas para mi Anniversario y mi esposo estuvo encantado de ver lo natural que se miraban! No se sentían nisiquiera pesaban en mis ojos. Lo recomiendo 100%

I usually go to LA to get my lash extensions, but I’m so glad I gave this place a chance because I am never driving to LA for my lashes again! The workers are very friendly and accommodating. Tell them exactly what you like and they will give you just that! I am so happy with how my lashes turned out.

Professionalism: from the very beginning, it is clear that they just want to make you feel comfortable. They go above and beyond by providing clean cozy blankets (it really does help the 1 hour lash procedure!)

Atmosphere: Clean and cute! They have their diffusers on with music in the background. It really creates a relaxing environment.

Overall: I really like this place. Not only are there services great, but the workers including Erica, who I met today was so helpful. I will be back!

I love this place. It’s very clean, relaxing, and friendly. The workers are very accommodating and it is clear that they just want you to feel happy and satisfied. I got my eyelash extensions here, and came back for a fill 2 weeks later. Each time it was done by a different worker, but I loved the outcome both times. I will be sure to come back for my future lash needs!

Thank you Erica and her team on my lash extensions.

I contacted the business and Erica replied promptly w/ a time slot that worked with my hectic schedule. She had advised that Anna would be the tech.

When I came in, I was greeted by Anna who was super friendly and nice. After filling out some paperwork, it was time to get it done! Anna asked what kind of style and length I had in mind. She took her time and gave me different options on what would look best for my eye shape and how to take care of the lashes after. During the service, she would periodically asked how I was doing and if there was any discomfort. I didn’t have any and as a matter of fact, I kind of fell asleep for a bit (too relaxed haha).

After about an hour later, I sat up and was very impressed w/ the results. It took a little time to get use to since I haven’t had extensions for a while, but after 15 or so minutes, it felt fine. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments from my gfs. It used to take about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning and now, it’s about half which is so nice!

Thank you again Vbrow and Beauty.

I enjoyed Vbrow and beauty the place is very clean, the lady who did my lashes was very nice and did such a perfect job.

The above rating applies to all categories below.

Sanitation 5/5
Friendliness 5/5
Professionalism 5/5
Technique 5/5
Customer satisfaction 5/5

This is my first time receiving such extraordinary service. Erica truly takes pride in both her work place and her service. She made me feel right at home the minute I stepped into her spa. What I truly admire was the fact that she constantly made sure I was comfortable as possible before starting the procedure and especially during. The customer service she provided would easily earn 5 stars all on its own.

Secondly, the service was beyond phenomenal. Twice as better as my past experiences with other notable shops.

I would definitely recommend Erica to all my friends and families because the people I love deserved to be pampered and treated the way I have been at Vbrow & Beauty.

I came here and received a facial. The place was very tranquil and relaxing. The ladies were very kind and sweet. The facial was great, I will definitely go back for more sessions.

These lovely ladies got me in within minutes. I am from out of town and did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend! Have had lashes on for almost 2 years and these are among the best!!

Highly recommended this place . So far I have tried their profession make up and I really pleased . Erica is a very sweet person and she make sure that you you are happy with the service . I will definitely come back in the future.

These lovely ladies got me in within minutes. I am from out of town and did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend! Have had lashes on for almost 2 years and these are among the best!!

A beautiful and relaxing place for getting skincare treatment. The staffs are very friendly and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed and satisfied with my facial treatment.

Great place to visit! I had my eyelashes done here for my anniversary and they looked amazing! Great job?
Muy buen lugar limpio y profesional! Me hice mis pestañas aquí para mi aniversario y me dejaron encantadora ?

I learned Microblading & Eyelash Extensions here and I have to say I’m glad I chose this academy. The teacher (owner) was very sweet and nice. The lessons were easy to understand and the stuff were very valuable to learn. If you want to learn about Microblading &/or Eyelash Extensions, you should come and check out this place.

A few months ago I got my brows microbladed here to fix a bad permanent brow job from a previous salon. My first impression of the place is how relaxing and clean it is. My brow tech, Erica is super sweet and helpful. She always makes sure that I am satisfy with her work from the beginning prep work, during, and post procedure. The microblading procedure wasn’t too painful; Erica has a gentle hand and really took her time, which I appreciated.
I am so pleased with my brows! I am surprised by how natural they look. It definitely cuts off a lot of my makeup time, and I feel more confident in how I look. Overall, I would recommend this place for microblading.

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